Starting a Lawn Care Service, During Dog Days.

Is it easy for you to Blog? I find myself staring at the screen most of the time. How can I make this interesting? Is anyone going to read this? Am I really Blogging? Isn’t blogging for anyone other than a large bearded man?

I guess it would be best to just go with what’s been going on. First things first. Anyone reading this from the South? I’m located in Mobile, Alabama remember. I’m just looking for a little empathy here because its hot as hell. The heat index today is 109 and tomorrow 110. This is the most miserable time of the year. Nothing is moving, flies aren’t buzzing, the wind isn’t blowing and all anyone can really do is sit still. Sitting still is your best bet.

Have you ever opened your door BEFORE the sun came up to be knocked down by what feels like a wall of heat. No? Well, lets not miss out. The next time you’re near an oven set it for 500 degrees then turn of all the lights. Once it reaches the set temperature, pretend you’re peeking in to check on some cookies, lower your face and open the door. That’s about right.  Let me know how it goes.

Heat Wave

Luckily, I’ve lived in the South my entire life so the heat is nothing new and before I ventured off into building Villageman Lawn Care, I was an airplane mechanic. I still am. Working in the heat everyday isn’t anything new. So that’s a plus. Our, nameless, facility was not air conditioned and the work occurred within a hanger. A hot canopy of metal. I couldn’t imagine being used to an air conditioned office THEN taking on commitments to tame other peoples jungles during July/August in South, Alabama. So there were things I knew I could handle, things I can foresee and things I have made mistakes with….already.So here’s a little insight into my experience thus far. YES! Blog topic identified!

I’ll keep this short an sweet. We’ve only been around for about a month now, a lot has happened but not so much I need to go on and on about it. So lucky you. Here it goes.

Three things if done differently that would have been more awesome:

Numero uno, I wouldn’t have waited until the later part of summer. We’ve talked about heat, you can imagine the challenges there. I say this simply because I just don’t have as many months left to make dat $$$$. But when things start clicking sometimes you just go with it.

Two, it would have been ideal to work my full time job a little more while doing this on the side. However, that’s a decision you must weigh on your own with your family. Many things played into our decision and everyone is different. For me working 10 hours, 5 to 6 days a week in a convection oven, to then come home and follow through with accounts was really weighing on me…quick. Also, I’m an only child and I’ve had to be there more for my mother recently. So flexibility scored a point. Luckily, my wife is a great partner and I have her to bounce these things off of. Just like any major decision, consult someone. I have a varied background, I’m not afraid to work and a little struggle or challenge isn’t unfamiliar to us so we went with it.

And finally, maybe I would have started watching George Packard’s You Tube Channel a little sooner. He has a lot of information to share and he’s pretty damn funny. I also like Geek to Freak Fitness and Lawn Care’s Channel and particularly this video in relation to our topic.

PHEW! I did it. That was slight torture but nothing like this job from last week. Have a great weekend and blog you later.

Jungle Before
Jungle Before

Jungle After

Starting a Lawn Care Service, During Dog Days.

The Villageman

Well, here I am. A 6’5 big country boy from Mississippi bloggin. Let’s see….Mississippi…we have covered that. Lucedale, Mississippi to be exact and yes I sure did check the spelling on that still to this day, crooked letter-crooked letter. You know you still do it too.

I was raised in Lucedale, on a farm, played football at Jones Junior College, moved to Mobile, AL and graduated from South Alabama. I recently married the most amazing woman in the world. The Good Lord put us together. I have a teenage daughter and a doggy daughter named Allie. That’s her to your left.  She helps me in the yard though so she’s totally relevant. 

So what’s this blog about? Everything Lawn, Garden and Landscape in Mobile, AL. How can I talk about grass and flowers in a blog often? It can happen. What we forget in the modern age is just how much plants, flowers, lawn care and other things contribute to our daily life. We are so busy with gizmo’s and gadgets we’ve forgotten where our food comes from and THE BEES! THE BEES man have you heard about that situation? Tragic. We will talk about about everything from outdoor power tool reviews, to recipes you can make with things you will grow, and you will grow them! So stay tuned. Fall is just around the corner and it will be time to prep your urban space for your fall goodies. If you live in the South you know that means planting your Greens. Do you live in the city? No problem. You can do it and we can help. Visit, see what we have to offer. Follow our blog for tips, tricks and other interesting things that will happen that we just don’t know about at the moment. Just start out by liking our Facebook page Villageman Lawn Care. Have a good week!

The Villageman